IPhone X: New Apple Smartphone Dumps Home Button For All-Screen Design

IPhone X: New Apple Smartphone Dumps Home Button For All-Screen Design

IPhone X: New Apple Smartphone Dumps Home Button For All-Screen Design

Apple has unveiled the iPhone X, a newly designed smartphone that leaves the traditional home button for an all-screen design, as well as the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models.

Apple’s Worldwide Marketing Senior Vice President, Phil Schiller, reached the company’s new Steve Jobs Theater platform, located within the Brand’s new Apple Park “space-shift” headquarters for the unveiling of the new iPhone.

The new $ 999 (999 pounds – is a pound equivalent to the dollar on Apple’s new range of products) iPhone X will come with the company’s new iOS 11 software, which includes new on-screen buttons and gestures standard physical home button, which will launch the line in 2007. Since then, iPhones have been the mainstay, as well as newly animated emoji called Ennogi

iPhone X, 10, two colors, space will come in gray and silver, and available for pre-orders on October 27, and shipping until Nov. 3. A 256 GB storage option will also be available for £ 1,149

Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook said: “This is iPhone X. This is the biggest jump since the original iPhone.”

Instead of pressing a button, users swipe up from the bottom to reach the home screen and swipe and hold to go into multitasking. To wake device users, just tap on the screen or lift the iPhone, while the control center is now swiped down from the top right corner of the phone.

The front of the device features a cutout at the top of the new OLED super retina display, which is a new true depth camera system for Face ID face detection system and Apple’s portrait mode is to take steelies with it. Apple says that Face ID is able to unlock the phone by identifying the owner of the phone with a 3D scan, authenticating the payment and integrating the password input in the login screen as well as in the third-party applications.

Microsoft has used similar systems for its Windows helo-enabled surface computer line, but no one has yet broken the technology on any smartphone, Apple said that the operating system was efficient, when users wear glasses, And when the user actively watches it, only unlocks the phone

iPhone X does not include Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which was introduced in 2013 under the Home button with the iPhone 5S.

But Apple said that its Face ID was more secure than Touch ID by one aspect of 20, which was able to understand between the user’s real face and photograph – and even the facsimile mask from Hollywood side – True Detector Using the camera system, which projects an IR bot, map the face on the map. It also works in the dark.

The rest of the device is made of stainless steel and glass, which is coming back in the design of the iPhone 4, and the rival Samsung Galaxy S8 reflects, but without the curved screen. This is a striking contrast to the recent all-metal iPhone model, and it is to see if the rival glass and metal sandwich have a similar level of weakness in the form of a smartphone. Apple said that glass is the most durable for smartphones with metal reinforcement. The headphone jack is still gone.

Apple’s latest processor in the iPhone X will be the A11 Bionic, which comes with an integrated nerve engine for face recognition and is now six cores, which is with the A10 to the four core of the previous year. Apple said that A11 had 30% faster graphics and the battery life increased from two hours to 70% faster processor on the iPhone 7 – a pain point for the majority of current iPhone users

Apple also introduced qi wireless charging for the first time in the iPhone line, which uses the AA plate behind the phone, in which a pad or a wireless charging accepts a motive charge from the piece of furniture. This is a feature that is available in Samsung’s Galaxy S line for the last three years and with many other rivals, and removes the need to be fiddle with a power cable to charge its smartphone.

Behind the iPhone X, Apple is now a familiar dual camera system, capable of delivering optical zoom twice to the phone with a wide-angle camera with an iPhone 7 Plus of 2016 and a “telephoto” camera, but horizontally rather oriented. Both cameras have 12 megapixel sensors, optical image stabilization and Apple have said that in order to create better, more detailed images, their computational photography system has improved.

A part of the revised system is a new version of Portrait Mode of the Company, which allows users to artificially create a shallow depth of field to blur the background, which is made by DSLR cameras, and the face of the subject But change the light effect. The rivals Samsung and others have also sent similar characteristics, in which there are implicit flaws within the right niche of the hair, to see if the system of apple can fix those problems.

Apple also unveiled the new animated emoji characters, which are called “animosity”, which allows users to use facial recognition to use the face recognition system of the face on lowercase letters, such as robot, fox, rhinoceros, or anthropomorphic pie. allows for. Anemones can only be sent to other Apple users through the Company’s Message app.

Ben Wood, chief of research for CCS Insight, said, “The new hardware direction of the iPhone X iPhone is an OLED display and a new design should be standard on future iPhone models, but the challenge of obtaining enough supplies for Apple Will have to deal with.

“A staggered introduction of the OLD technology and the new design enables Apple to rapidly increase ramps and maximize profits in its supply chain. The relatively high price of the iPhone X is an essential and necessary to control demand in near term. Important mechanism. “



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